Where is your new official store located?

Our very first official Guerrier store is located in Quebec City at the following address:

2789 Rue de la Faune, Quebec, G3E 1H1

Where are your outlets?

Click here , or visit the Our Retailers tab

Are your packaging eco-responsible?

All our kraft paper formats are recyclable. We also offer reusable glass jars to store our products. We always minimize the use of plastic as much as possible in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

Do you have recipes?

Yes, our in-house chef concocts recipe cards accompanied by videos featuring seasonal products to add a boreal touch to your daily life. (Click here to subscribe)

How much is the online delivery charge?

Everywhere in Quebec for only $4.95! The rest of Canada varies by province.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment we only ship to Canada and the United States.

I have a business and I would like to distribute your products?

Refer to the Become a Retailer section in the main menu.


How to get your cheese fondue?
Est-ce que vos produits contiennent du gluten ?

Aucun de nos produits ne contient de gluten, par contre, sachez que nous ne pouvons pas certifier qu’aucun ingrédient n’ait pu être en contact avec d’autres ingrédients pouvant en contenir.

Does your product contain garlic?

Here is the list of our products that do NOT contain it

Bacon Pepper



Do your products contain mustard?

Our Atikamekw and Wendat blends contain mustard.

Although none of our other blends contain mustard
in the list of ingredients, it is impossible for us to certify that no
ingredient has come into contact with mustard.

Do your products contain onion?

Here is the list of our products that do NOT contain it:

• Bacon Pepper

• Abenaki

• Innu

Are your products ketogenic (keto)?

Here is the list of our low carbohydrate products:

• Bacon Pepper

• Café Chage

• Dunes Pepper Café

Do your products contain nuts?

None of our products contain nuts, however, we cannot certify that no ingredient has been in contact with other ingredients that may contain them.

Do all of your products contain salt?

Most of our products contain salt, such as our hickory smoked salt or
marine, however it is not used in large quantities, you can see the nutritional value sheet of each of our products.

How long can I store my spices?

We recommend storing your spices in sealed bags in a dark, dry place for up to one year for optimal freshness.

What is the shelf life of your hot sauces?

One year after opening.

Where does your coffee come from?

Our coffee comes from a roaster in Abitibi and bagging is done at our warehouse near Wendake.


Where do your herbs come from?

Our herbs are hand-picked seasonally by our valiant warriors who hail from
different regions of Quebec. For example, dune pepper reaches its peak after the first periods of ground frost.

What is dune pepper?

Dune pepper was once used as an infusion by the First Nations to combat certain flu symptoms and we use it today in our recipes to add a little peppery touch and
boreal. Its rich taste has the particularity of developing over the course of cooking and will give exquisite flavors to all your dishes.

What is sweet bay?

The balsam bayberry was once used by First Nations as an insect repellent and for several other medicinal properties. In our blends, we only use kitten for its lively, powerful and unique aromas.

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